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Map of discounts and problems


Save time, money and health with this card! To view discounts in nearby stores, scale the map to the desired location, open the menu and choose Discounts. You will see all products and discounts in all card stores located within the borders of the screen of your device.

You can create an online store on the map yourself, load it by selecting the category stores, and using this instruction fill it with goods. It’s much easier than it sounds, just try it!


But the card is not just limited to shops and discounts - there are also problems with it. By adding problems, you get Rating, which you can use to pay in some stores, or use paid applications on this site - translate subtitles, expand the use of costs.

Understanding what problem areas are in the city is useful for everyone: authorities, residents, tourists, realtors, urbanists.
  • With the help of the map, you can create a safe route, avoiding dangerous places
  • A government official may notice that certain places require more attention
  • Motorists can adjust their behavior or even the route depending on the condition of the road surface
  • When buying a home, you can analyze the situation around, and perhaps refuse to buy if the area around is saturated with problems

Criminology and Urban Studies

Places magnets for problems:

  • Markets, train stations - places of concentration of marginals, swindlers and thieves
  • Markets, industrial zones - a favorite place for feeding stray dogs for security purposes
  • Industrial zones - in winter they can be heated by burning tires, engine oil, plastic waste. Do you want the smoke from such a workshop to blow through your window?
  • Industrial zones and hazardous industries - sources of emissions of toxic substances, have around them sanitary exclusion zones (any deserted place = dangerous place)
  • Markets, industrial zones and hazardous industries , outside working hours - one large exclusion zone
  • Abandoned buildings - a habitat for homeless people, drug addicts and drug dealers
  • Drinks - a place where marginalized people in a state of alcoholic intoxication congregate

I will give an example of how a combination of these factors could lead to the death of an entire floor.

This is a 12-storey building in Mariupol, where the staircase is separated from the apartments by a balcony, and the balcony is separated from the elevator by a vestibule with 2 doors, each of which opens into the vestibule. This house is surrounded by garages, a market, a place for receiving recyclable materials, abandoned buildings, and drug advertising. Inside the house itself, you can often find syringes and problems with the sewage system (marginal residents do not know that nothing can be flushed down the toilet except for what it is intended for). Residents store their construction waste on the floors.

Over time, one of the vestibules, was chosen by a homeless person (the market is nearby, recyclable materials are nearby). From construction debris found on the floor, he erected a barricade, and slept between the doors, blocking them at night. In the event of a fire (the culprit of which could be a homeless person because he fell asleep drunk with a burning cigarette), all residents of this floor would not be able to open this door and leave the building using the stairs.

But, many negative factors - you can always oppose the positive . One of them is a passionate asset of the residents. An indifferent resident of the house, threw all the personal belongings of a homeless person into the trash until the homeless person realized that he was not welcome here.

Then why bother with a map, if you can find a council for any problem? In this case, I would not buy an apartment in this house, since the activist living in it does not last forever, over time, he may run out of energy, or he may have money to move to decent housing. And then, you will be left alone, with drug addicts, homeless people and clogged sewers. Therefore, often, problems are easier to avoid, specially trained people should deal with them, who with the help of this card can find and neutralize them.


The publicity factor is very important. The more people learn about your problem, the faster they will solve it. The worst that a mayor can imagine in front of an election campaign is publicity that his city is teeming with gangs, drug dealers, homeless people and packs of stray dogs. The roads are broken, the sidewalks are swampy, and the parks are dull and dangerous - both for children (dangerous playgrounds) and adults (attacks).

Subtitles translator

Watching a movie in its original language with subtitles is the best way to watch your favorite movie, learn a foreign language, or dive deeper into a foreign culture. But not always, you can find a finished translated film or series with subtitles for free on the Internet. But what if you don’t want to watch with voice acting, but you don’t want to have subtitles translated by a professional studio? Translate free subtitles yourself!

This is much easier than it sounds. Download videos with foreign subtitles. Go to the page Subtitles translator. Select the file and click the Translate button. Do not forget to save it to your device! You can also edit the translation by clicking the Edit button. Click on the line you want and edit it! When you are done, download the edited translation.

You can extract subtitles and translate them from mkv video containers. Just add your video, select the subtitles to translate and click the Translate button!Your video remains on your device, and the translation process is not accompanied by the consumption of traffic or the transfer of the video file to our side.

The old version of the translator is located here subs/old. Open the subtitle file in a text editor, copy its content, paste it into the left column and click the Translate button.

The content of the subtitle file must be in the following format:
00:01:22,277 --> 00:01:27,271
I should've known that you would
be here, Professor McGonagall.

00:01:38,501 --> 00:01:41,668
Good evening, Professor Dumbledore.

00:01:44,173 --> 00:01:47,174
Are the rumors true, Albus?

If a free subtitle translator is not available at the moment, use a paid one. You can evaluate the quality of the translation in the screenshot below. As a big fan of subtitles, I can say that the quality of machine-translated subtitles is rarely inferior to that of low-skilled studios, and sometimes even surpasses them. Because the program translates subtitles using all the neural power of Google services, while low-skilled translators are inattentive and make mistakes.

sub's example.jpg

After the subtitles are translated, you can check them for correctness by enabling autoscrolling for convenience. If the subtitles at the beginning and end are correct, the file is most likely translated correctly. Highlight the translated subtitles, copy them, and save them to a file. Happy viewing!

Expenses tracker app

Do you know where your money is going? What exactly and how much do you spend? Are you having trouble saving money? Time to start recording expenses!

With this cost accounting app, make it as easy as possible in 3 clicks:
  • Enter amount
  • Select a cost category, or leave it as default
  • Click Send

Ready! The cost is saved. No coin dragging or other fine motor skills! Everything is quick and easy. Cost accounting will not take much of your time! By going to Expenses statistics , you can view or edit costs, for any date range, or monthly. If you need to add costs “retroactively“ - this will not be a problem either.

expenses example.jpg

By going to Expenses settings you can add new cost names, delete unnecessary ones, change their order by dragging and dropping.

Recommendations for home bookkeeping:

  • You always need to pay in the cost immediately after the purchase (if you postpone until later, you can forget)
  • Always pay by card. So you can easily track the costs that you forgot to pay
  • Check your client bank against cost statistics on a monthly basis. If you followed the previous points, the process will take less than 10 minutes, and the accuracy of the expense calculator will be maximized
  • If some costs are not enough - add them retroactively. If some costs differ in amounts from the statement, edit them. If you added too much - remove
  • To maximize the accuracy of category accounting, you can split the bill amount into categories by pressing the Add button when entering expenses. The program will help you not to make mistakes and write everything down correctly